Continuous innovation

Solution inoneo inc. was founded in order to provide an advanced Java expertise for your business projects. To offer this we rely on both the knowledge gained on our past mandates and ongoing technical intelligence. We are constantly listening and experiencing the latest technologies in the world of Java and the Web in general.  Don't hesitate to contact  us for any inquiries.


  • Backend: JAVA (J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, GROOVY).
  • Frontend: HTML 5 (Combined use of Java Web Services, Javascript
    and CSS for creating a rich user experience) JQuery, YUI.


  • JAVA Frameworks: Spring MVC (Servlet and Portlet), Grails, Spring Batch.
  • Java CMS: IBM WCM (Web Content Management), Magnolia, Alfresco.
  • Database and ORM: Hibernate (HQL) and SQL language.
  • Testing Frameworks: Unit test: JUnit, Integration test: Fitness, Selenium.
  • Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere Application Server, GlassFish.


Please consult my profile LinkedIn for an overview of my work.

Side project

Being truly passionate by coding and Web, I spend part of my free time to create new services on the Internet. This allows me to experiment with new Frameworks, learn to manage the architecture of an entire web site (from the server to the application layer) security issues ... but above all to make my contribution to the Internet. : Storefront for inoneo company and technical blog. Using the Grails framework for infrastructure and open source XWIKI technology for rendering pages. I wanted to make maximum use of new standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and caching to minimize server resources. It is also the first site that I host in the cloud. : Site linking players with online games teams. Built in 2004, the site now has more than 4767 members and 1277 teams. The traffic is up to 500 unique visitors per day. I started this project while in university to improve my programming course. This site is hosted on a virtual dedicated server with Ubuntu as OS and classic LAMP stack. This allowed me to learn how to install and secure a server "from scratch".


Active user on Stackoverflow (Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers). Because the best way to gain knowledge is to share it. I participate mainly on questions about Java, Grails and Spring.

profile for Benoit Wickramarachi at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers